The APPLIED WISDOM INSTITUTE (AWI) delivers in-depth learning experiences that add spiritual awareness to your professional skill set. Through our seminars, certificate programs, and conferences you will discover the power of community while expanding your knowledge base with tools to help yourself and others. And, you’ll receive continuing education credits!

Awareness of our
meaningful CONNECTIONS
allows us to build and
TRANSFORM communities.

Wisdom, spiritual awareness and ethical action IMPACT individual and organizational SUCCESS.

Our spiritual altruism is CONTAGIOUS with benefits for the whole.




Jump into one of many diverse and highly engaging online seminars. Learn something new, and add to the wisdom. 


Investigate the deep career transformation that comes from mastery. Choose the program that fits you best here.


Attend a conference and meet your thought leaders and fellow students face-to-face, establishing enduring bonds.

Community Center

Come to the CENTER and continue the conversation. Get and share the resources that encourage spiritual warriors.

Research Projects

Dig deep into the problem you know needs to be solved. Find the wisdom that comes from seeing all sides.

Impact Projects

Work with others to make a difference right where you are. Lead or follow? Just find a group and get involved.


Thomasina Anane

You feel equipped to address whatever it is that you need to speak to others about. With those who face depression, you feel empowered to speak about faith and mental health. You know more. Your breadth of knowledge has expanded.”

Bipolar Faith Seminar Participant

-Thomasina Anane


Paul Kirz, Jr

“I wanted to do something impactful, but I couldn’t settle on one concrete idea. The program definitely helped me sift through all my ideas and put them together. It put me in position to think more seriously about the big impact goal I had been talking about.”

Certificate in Spirituality & Social Entrepreneurship Participant

– Paul Kirz, Jr

Candice Surh

“AWI instructors see the potential in lay people, who have an idea to make a difference in the world but feel unqualified. They empowered me to take a small idea and turn it into something viable and useful, teaching me skills of inclusive leadership, data collection, and business planning.”

Certificate in Spirituality & Social Entrepreneurship Participant

-Candice Surh

Hugh Ralston

“I thought the benefit of the certificate program would be to have a greater sense of what a social entrepreneur was, what a social entrepreneur could imagine, and how they might articulate in some ways. It’s all about capital, but capital without ideas, and without workable ideas, is a lonely place.”

Certificate in Spirituality & Social Entrepreneurship Participant

-Hugh Ralston

We hope to get to know you.

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