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AWI’s conferences offer presentations and resources from diverse vantage points related to relevant and important topics. The sessions stem from the presentations that train and educate attendees on how to maximize the resource. All persons may register for our conferences.

Upcoming AWI Conferences

Wade in the Water, a Worship & Mental Health conference 

March 20 – 21, 2020

This is a two-day conference for anyone, pastors, mental health professionals and more, who deal with people who are suffering the effects of trauma. It is a conference about healing with healing, hope and coping as its goals. 

With workshops and worship experiences, the following topics will be covered

  • The historical and contemporary role and function of music in the healing from trauma
  • Dance as healing and for coping
  • Meditation, prayer and practices of chanting and singing in personal and corporate spaces of worship
  • The power and importance of liturgy in healing of the community who have experience trauma

Beyond Pink & Blue: Transitions & Transgender Spiritual Care

Atlanta, GA. Summer 2020

The purpose of this conference is to provide a safe and affirming space for transgender, gender nonconforming and non binary persons and their families and to serve as movement building for the transgender community in Atlanta, Georgia and the southeastern region of the United States.  In recent times, the human dignity and equal rights of transgender people have been under threat with the military ban, rescinding of medical protections, bathroom restriction bills and discrimination in the workplace.  So, this conference is both timely and essential in providing support and empowerment for the trangender community and their surrounding communities. 

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