Impact Projects

Encounter Our Students’ Work

Impact projects are just as they sound, a project to impact or make a difference in the lives of communities and individual people. AWI has a measure of impact by asking certificate and seminar participants to propose a project showing how they have used or will continue to use their experiences in AWI. Participants have the opportunity to pitch an idea and have often been given micro grants to try something new or innovative that could help real peoples’ lives sooner.

Impact Projects are funded by Wisdom Seed Grants. They are projects that are a direct outgrowth of the AWI certificates and seminars.

In assessing outcomes, AWI is looking to see:

  • Lives impacted by a students from a project
  • Policies or practices affected by students leveraging insights gained in seminars
  • Longitudinal experience of impact over time of students

Start an Impact Project

Students create Impact Projects during their Certificate or Seminar work. Click to learn more.