AWI reaches current and future professionals through marketing partnerships with institutions of all types and sizes. The goal to reverse the social crisis in the US and the developed world requires immediate, broad-based action.

Plus, our training works better when we have people of great diversity learning together. Thus, we will grow through partners that might not feel aligned with other partners. That’s perfect, because that’s what is needed today.

Our Partners

AWI/CIM has partnered with Darkwood Brew to help create and maintain the This We Affirm website. This is a website that serves as a resource to churches who are committed to the Phoenix Affirmations. Everyone who attends a seminar at AWI is offered a discounted subscription. Many of our thought partners contribute to the website.

AWI/CIM is the recipient of two grants to partner with the Global Faith and Justice Project to reduce religious harm for LGBTQI people around world as well as educate and train leadership in the lessening of practices and theological beliefs that cause harm to gender and sexual minorities.

The AWI/CIM is the recipient of two Innovation grants from the Northern California Kaiser Foundation for research and implementation of new strategies for Mental Health Services utilization by African American Churches.

For two years AWI/CIM has partnered to develop online, live, interactive seminars to educated and train clergy and nonprofit leaders who lead fundraising campaigns about the theology of giving and receiving, and the ethical and moral usage of resources.

AWI/CIM is the recipient of two wisdom seed grants for the advancement of Mental Health and Spirituality. These have been used by students to do innovative practices in their context which are shared with our community. See Impact projects.

The Jane Adams Spahr Reconciliation Project is a group of volunteers that work in the spirit and vision of Janie Spahr in partnering with AWI/CIM to develop and implement seminars and conferences that promote inclusion in religious communities for gender and sexual minorities.