Building Bridges: Religion & Spirituality

Course Description

Religion is a set of texts, beliefs and practices about the transcendent, about God, and shared by a particular community. Spirituality is the sense of connection to something larger than us; it is the person’s relationship with the transcendent questions that confront one as a human being. It is not possible to achieve equality, particularly for LGBTQ people and their families, without recognizing the role and impact of religion. One needs not be religious to do equality work, of course; and one must possess an understanding of religion being either a barrier or a bridge to equality. The resources of spirituality enable activists to maintain perspective, to combat fatigue and sustain hope in the midst of doing equality work.

Registration Fee: $400

Topics Include

Cultural frameworks and historical impact of religion and/or spirituality on LGBTQ+ matters

Implicit Biases of major religions’ position on LGBTQ+ matters

Multi-faith Frameworks of understanding and supporting LGBTQ+ persons

Best practices in Inter-faith or multi-faith support

Spiritual competencies in LGBTQ+ Leadership

Healing from possible trauma experienced as faithful individual

Community-centered care of a LGBTQ+ person

Identifying and working with Trust agents and gatekeepers in religious and/or spiritual communities to offer support, services, and community/network

Thought Leaders

Lisbeth M. Melendez Rivera

Director of Faith Outreach and Training, Human Rights Campaign

Donovan Ackley, III, PhD

Peer support specialist, religious studies scholar

Seminar Details


 $400 for this module


The Certificate in LGBTQ Leadership was designed for  mission-driven individuals. aspiring leaders. teachers. and community activists committed to allying with LGBTQ communities.


Seminar participants meet over the Internet using browser-based conferencing software.


7/1/20 –  8/1/20 M/W


5:00p-6:30p Pacific Time


Online modules are delivered through the WebEx conferencing system on the Internet. These meetings are live / synchronous. All participants are visible to each other and engage in the conversations through the system.

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