Creating Safe Spaces

Course Description

Participants will gain insights and competencies to effectively manage the first task of any LGBTQ/LGBTQ-allied organization– the creation of safe space. Safe spaces include physical, social, emotional, spiritual and legal. Seminar topics address language; community-based boundary creation; respect of beliefs, values, and spiritual backgrounds; and legal parameters.

Registration Fee: $400


At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:
• Discuss the challenges and benefits of GSAs (Gay/Straight Alliances) in creating and sustaining safe spaces
• Analyze anti-bullying programs for youth and develop new strategies for a changing world
• Compile/recommend guidelines for creating safe spaces
• Prepare implementation plans for safe space creation and maintenance
• Explain the differences in safe-space creation for different ages and walks of life, e.g. for elders, in workplaces, in schools
• Assess a target community for available social services and how, in the creation of a safe space, alliances/collaborations can be created to better serve stakeholders
• List 10 common implicit biases/pre-conceived notions and tactics to navigate through them
• Explain cultural barriers to safe spaces and develop strategies to surmount them

Topics Include

Implicit biases around safe spaces

Multi-perspective frameworks of understanding trauma

Best practices in LGBTQ Leadership for acceptance and collaboration

Family-centered care of an individual

Fostering healing journeys from the trauma experienced as a marginalized person

Psychotherapy with gender and sexual minorities

Identifying and working with Trust agents and gatekeepers in marginalized communities to offer services, e.g. counseling, housing, material resources, case management

Thought Leaders

Ted Lewis

Side by Side, Charlottesville, VA

Annanda Barclay

Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Palo Alto

Seminar Details


 $400 for this module


The Certificate in LGBTQ Leadership was designed for  mission-driven individuals. aspiring leaders. teachers. and community activists committed to allying with LGBTQ communities.


Seminar participants meet over the Internet using browser-based conferencing software.


4/1/20 – 5/1/20


5:00p-6:30p Pacific Time


Online modules are delivered through the Cisco WebEx conferencing system on the Internet. These meetings are live / synchronous. All participants are visible to each other and engage in the conversations through the system.

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