Human Rights & Global Advocacy

Course Description

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948. The framework of human rights is the foundation for equality. The consideration of LGBTQ rights as human rights is the antidote to the persecution and violence against LGBTQ people and their families in over 70 countries. In over 70 countries it is illegal to be LGBTQ or have a same-sex relationship and in 7 countries the death penalty is a threat. Less than 30 countries offer same-sex marriage, an indicator of support for LGBTQ people. So, the global advocacy work for LGBTQ equality is one that affects the majority of the world’s population. While an individual or an organization may indeed rightly focus its mission upon its local community, it is helpful to consider the global movement of people and the reality that every community has persons within it from around the world.

Registration Fee: $400

Thought Leaders

Ryan Thoreson J.D. Ph.D.

Researcher in the LGBT rights program at Human Rights Watch and Cover-Lowenstein Fellow, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT

Urooj Arshad

Advocates for Youth