Intersectional Diversity: Facing Racism, Sexism, Biases, & Phobias

Course Description

Leadership requires an understanding of the intersectional nature of existence and diversity. Intersectionality is the complex, cumulative way in which the effects of multiple forms of discrimination combine or overlap as multiple sources of oppression. Intersectionality is the intersection of identities that shape an individual’s experience throughout their social context. For example, one’s sexual orientation does not exist apart from one’s gender or racial background. Moreover, an organization or community committed to LGBTQ equality advances toward its goal when it faces racism and sexism along with homophobia per their common roots.

Registration Fee: $400


• Describe psycho-social development of different communities
• Analyze frameworks of implicit bias development
• Apply basic assessment skills to diagnose organizational and/or stakeholders’ explicit/implicit biases
• Assess environments created by diverse leaders in context of their organization’s stated values
• Create strategies to minimize racism, sexism, and homophobia in community

Topics Include

Cultural frameworks

Implicit Biases

Best practices in Intercultural Care

Psychotherapy with gender and sexual minorities

Identifying and working with Trust agents and gatekeepers in historically marginalized communities to offer services or programming

Thought Leaders

Denise Davis

Mayor Pro Tem of Redlands

Rev. Cedric Harmon

Many Voices, Washington, DC, Spiritual Care & Pastoral Care

Peter Goldblum, PhD, MPH

Professor Emeritus, past Director of Clinical Training, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Palo Alto University

Seminar Details


 $400 for this module


The Certificate in LGBTQ Leadership was designed for  mission-driven individuals. aspiring leaders. teachers. and community activists committed to allying with LGBTQ communities.


Seminar participants meet over the Internet using browser-based conferencing software.


2/1/20 –  3/1/20 M/W


5:00p-6:30p Pacific Time


Online modules are delivered through the Cisco WebEx conferencing system on the Internet. These meetings are live / synchronous. All participants are visible to each other and engage in the conversations through the system.

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