Ignite the Fire

Worship and Arts 2019

Conference Overview

A Three Day Conference hosted at San Fransisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, CA

Breathe new life into your arts and worship ministries.  Come to this three-day conference bringing together thought leaders from around the nation in arts leadership, ministry, and the performing arts, passionate about growing and encouraging innovative worship and arts communities in churches based upon excellent artistry, best practices and strong theological content. 


Arts Creation

Creation of new worship materials

Arts Leadership

Expose participants to leading people in the field of worship so that they can have a worship experience that can be replicated in their home churches

Spiritual Wisdom

Teach participants about the spiritual and practical aims of updating and maintaining worship in their churches

Arts Growth Best Practices

Expose the participants to good theological reflection and biblical grounding in worship

Personal Development

Give practical and clear advice about best practices regarding the implementation of worship

Network Expansion

Encourage participants’ spiritual development and personal discipline of worship

Build Integrative Arts Community

Build integrative arts and worship communities. Understand best practices of networking and scale.

Organizational Leadership

Learn ways to build, strengthen, and maintain the relationship between pastors and music directors

Theological Grounding

Engage in Arts Leadership training: grow as cultural leaders, as administrators, and in practical skills in one’s leadership in and through the arts

Thought Leaders

Rev. Dr. Luke Powery

Theologian in Residence

Dean of the Duke University Chapel and professor at Duke Divinity School in Worship. Formerly a professor of Princeton University. Dr. Powery has been praised for bringing diversity and vibrancy to the Duke Chapel. He has instituted Jazz service, liturgical dancing, gospel music, contemporary music, Gregorian Chants, and the Fine Arts as part of the worship experience. This has lead to an increase in attendance and a broadening of the demographic of those who attend the university public worship. Duke is the only major University Chapel in the country with a standing congregation. He is both pastor and professor.

Carolyn Anderson

Conference Intern and Program Director

Carolyn Anderson is an accomplished gospel and contemporary artist. She tours in the US and abroad. Carolyn Anderson is a twenty year veteran of congregational worship. She is well known in the Bay Area as a worship consultant for churches. She has returned to school at SFTS in order to obtain an M.Div. degree. At SFTS, her presence has been nothing short of a revival in music. Carolyn has become a part time paid employee helping SFTS explore broader and more cutting edge forms of worship. From classical hymns to her own original music Carolyn incorporates multiple resources of worship. She is especially adept at planning worship and creating a culture of excellence in the local churches around worship. Her experience and her knowledge will guide much of the execution of this conference

St. John Coltrane Church

Worship Service

For 35 years the St. John Coltrane African Orthodox Church of San Francisco has used the Coltrane mass, “A Love Divine”, as the center of its worship experience. Over the years, almost every major Jazz musician has sat in on the service or worshipped in this church. This mass is not performed outside of their church, because it is specifically intended for worship. They have made only one exception for this rule and that was to perform the service at Stanford Memorial Church as a favor for Floyd Thompkins, the then Associate Dean of the Chapel and now Director of the Center. The Archbishop has agreed to once again perform the mass outside of the church at the conference. The importance of this event is that it shows how music can and does have integrity and inclusion at the same time. The present pastor of the church is a M.Div student at SFTS.

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Supported in conversation with people from all walks of life, each person who gathers in an AWI conference learns how to connect, engage and strengthen others in a unique network. Attend this conference to ignite your fire for expanding the arts in worship and spirituality. Arts in Action. On your Mark. Get set. Grow!